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Seamless Solutions with RustDesk

At EJB Technology Support, we understand that timely support is crucial for your business operations. Our Remote Support service, powered by RustDesk, allows us to connect to your computer securely and efficiently, providing swift solutions to your technical issues.

How It Works

We utilize RustDesk for establishing a secure connection to your computer through a process called “Screen Sharing.” This technology enables both you and our remote technician to view and interact with your screen in real-time.

Secure Authorization

Your security is our top priority. Each remote connection is authorized through a Unique Number and a changing one-time password. This ensures that only authorized technicians from EJB Technology Support, LLC, can access your system.

Important Security Note

NEVER GIVE THIS INFORMATION OUT TO ANYONE UNLESS YOU REQUESTED IT FROM EJB TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT, LLC. We take your privacy seriously, and our technicians will only request this information when initiated by you during a support session.

Get Remote Support Now

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to our support team to initiate a remote support session.
  2. Unique Number: Provide the Unique Number and one-time password when prompted during the session.
  3. Swift Solutions: Our skilled technicians will work with you to diagnose and resolve technical issues efficiently.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of remote support with EJB Technology Support. Contact us today for assistance or to learn more about our services.